Homeless Garden Project Hive Transfer: A Facebook Live Stream from April 30, 2017

Yesterday I, along with a volunteer beekeeper from the Homeless Garden Project and an experienced beekeeper from the Santa Cruz Bee Guild, transferred a honey bee colony from a Top Bar Hive into a Langstroth Hive. We had gorgeous weather and with the support of our community partner, Project Pollinate, were able to live stream the process on Facebook. It was an awesome experience! The people watching online could ask questions in the comments section and Dru Golver, the Director of Project Pollinate who was filming, could then relay those questions to me so that I was able to answer them right away. I teach a number of beekeeping classes, but this was a novel and very enjoyable experience as many people could see the inner workings of the beehive all at the same time, unlike in the apiary where everyone has a different vantage point and must take turns getting up close and personal with the bees. I am looking forward to more opportunities to live stream beekeeping work in the future, such as catching swarms, removing bees from structures and more! I've embedded the video below in case you're interested in watching. Please feel free to share as well. Thank you all for your interest and support as I grow this educational beekeeping venture. Happy May Day and Spring everyone!


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